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Journal of Modern Optics

17.09.13 03:39
Journal of Modern Optics rejected my paper " Circularly polarized beam carries the double angular momentum" without reviewing. Here is my reply.

I hope Prof. Jonathan Marangos Editor in Chief, Journal of Modern Optics, remembers that his Reviewer-2007 understood the conclusion of my paper [1]: "There is an additional spin angular momentum for the photon, that is not present in standard (Maxwell-based) theory". Nevertheless the Reviewer admitted publishing of the paper because he was sure that the paper being in error and would not damage the interests of the physical authorities. He wrote:

"This is a difficult paper to judge. It attempts to clarify and correct some questions in one of the 4 or so century-old controversies in classical electrodynamics, perhaps the major one of interest in modern optics. I think the paper, almost in the present form, would be a useful addition to the research literature on the topic, and I'm willing to recommend publication with minor changes.
This is despite the paper being in error, in my opinion. The paper is on a topic where the literature is literately riddled with error, confusion, and dispute. The topic is of interest in practical issues in optical micromanipulation and of theoretical interest in the foundations of field theory and classical electrodynamics. Given the confused situation of the literature on this topic, I'm prepared to recommend the paper for publication despite the errors - it won't make things worse, and does make, in my opinion, a positive contribution.
The main error in the paper, in my opinion, is one of double-counting. The angular momentum transport by a light beam can be deal with, in most cases, either in terms of the moment of the Poynting vector, or by the spin + orbital angular angular momenta, as done by Humblet. For example, there is a page of problems in Jackson, 3rd ed, devoted to this point. The author adds the two together, which is wrong. However, I don't think this will lead readers into error, so I don't see this as a real obstacle to publication".

And Prof. Jonathan Marangos wrote to me:
"We are pleased to accept your paper in its current form. Thank you for your contribution to Journal of Modern Optics and we look forward to receiving further submissions from you".

Reviewer-2009, when considering my next paper [2], also understood the conclusion, and was sure that the paper being in error, but, unfortunately, as opposed to Reviewer-2007, he believed that “the conventional (Maxwell and Poynting - based) theory of optical angular momentum is in excellent agreement with all recent experiments and there is no need nor evidence for any correction of the type envisaged by the author”. And paper [2] was rejected.

Now an anonymous Editorial team has recognized that the conclusion presented in my new paper [3] is true. It requested a translation of my old paper [4]. It could give no objections against the paper [3]. And then It rejected my paper [3] because the paper would damage the interests of the physical authorities. This is a shame!

[1] Khrapko R.I. "Mechanical stresses produced by a light beam", J. Modern Optics 55, 1487-1500 (2008) http://khrapkori.wmsite.ru/ftpgetfile.php?id=9&module=files, http://viXra.org/abs/1307.0111
[2] Khrapko R.I. "Experiments for Determination of Angular Momentum Flux Density" (TMOP-2009-0292). This paper is now published: "On the possibility of an experiment on 'nonlocality' of electrodynamics", Quantum Electron, 2012, 42 (12), 1133 http://khrapkori.wmsite.ru/ftpgetfile.php?id=34&module=files, viXra:1307.0110 . See also http://khrapkori.wmsite.ru/ftpgetfile.php?id=46&module=files (replies of journals are presented), http://www.mai.ru/science/trudy/published.php?ID=28833 (2012).
[3] Khrapko R.I. "Circularly polarized beam carries the double angular momentum" (TMOP-2013-0483) http://khrapkori.wmsite.ru/ftpgetfile.php?id=115&module=files, http://viXra.org/abs/1308.0147
[4] Khrapko R.I. "Circularly polarized beam carries the double angular momentum. (2003)" http://www.mai.ru/science/trudy/published.php?ID=34422 (in Russian). See http://viXra.org/abs/1309.0090

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