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New Journal of Physics

03.10.13 23:45
New Journal of Physics could find no objections against the paper [1] as well. So Eberhard Bodenschatz, Editor-in-Chief wrote, "we do not publish this type of article in any of our journals and so we are unable to consider your article further".
By the way, NJP rejected eight papers on the same topic with the same wording, including
"Experiment concerning electrodynamics' nonlocality" http://khrapkori.wmsite.ru/ftpgetfile.php?id=45&module=files
"Defects of the General Field Theory" http://khrapkori.wmsite.ru/ftpgetfile.php?id=58&module=files
"Radiation of spin by a rotator". http://www.ma.utexas.edu/cgi-bin/mps?key=03-315

[1] "Circularly polarized beam carries the double angular momentum" (NJP/486216) http://viXra.org/abs/1308.0147

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