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papers. Spin

PDF   Spin is not a moment of momentum
The Jackson’s and Becker’s mistake.  Submitted to AJP, UFN
Dear Prof. Tobochnik, I submit a complete revision with a different focus. I am happy to satisfy your request for an unambiguous definition of momentum density to start from, as well as for unambiguous definitions of energy-momentum and spin densities and fluxes (1.1), (2.1). Only these definitions are used by humanity since Hertz and Marconi time; the definitions are natural and very simple. They are free from problems which trouble you. According to these definitions, in particular, angular momentum distribution over a cross-section of the beam is an observable fact rather than one’s intuition effort (see MS 23518‏ and http://khrapkori.wmsite.ru/ftpgetfile.php?id=46&module=files)
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